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Mantra for Abundance and Wish Fulfillment


Om Stram Streem Strom Sah Ketve Namah

ॐ स्त्राम स्त्रीम स्त्रों सः केतवे नमः

Om Klim Shum Shukray Namah

ॐ क्लीम शुम शुक्राय नमः

Om Hrim Sum Suryay Namah

ॐ ह्रीम स सूर्याय नमः

Om Shrim Som Somaya Namah

ॐ श्रीम श्रौम सोमाय नमः

Om Krim Kum Kujaya Namah

ॐ क्रीम कूम कूजाय नमः

Om Bhraam Bhreem Bhroum Sah Raahvey Namah

ॐ भ्राम भ्रीम भ्रौम सह राहवे नमः

Om Strim Brahm Brihaspataya Namah

ॐ स्त्रीं ब्रह्म बृहस्पतये नमः

Om Hlim Sham Shanaye Namah

ॐ ह्लीम शम शनाय नमः

Om Aim Bum Budhaya Namah

ॐ ऐं बम बुधाय नमः


Om Hrim Shri Lakshminarayana Namah

ॐ ह्रिम श्री लक्ष्मीनारायणाय नमः

Om Gopalaya Uttardhvajaya Namah

ॐ गोपालाय उत्तरध्वजाय नमः

Om Kleem Krishnaya Namah

ॐ क्लीम कृष्णाय नमः

Om Hiranya Garbhaya Avyakta Rupine Namah

ॐ हिरण्यगर्भाय अव्यक्तारुपिणे नमः

Om Kleem Brahmne Jagadadharaya Namah

ॐ क्लीम ब्रह्मणे जगदाधाराय नमः

Om Namo Prim Pitambaraya Namah

ॐ नमो प्रीम पिताम्बराय नमः

Om Tatva Niranjanaya Tarakramaya Namah

ॐ तत्व निरंजनाय ताराक्रमाय नमः

Om Narayanaya Sursinmhaya Namah

ॐ नारायणाय सुरसिंहाय नमः

Om Shreem Devakrishnaya Urdhvashantaya Namah

ॐ श्रीम देवकृष्णाय ऊर्ध्वशान्ताय नमः

Om Shreem Lakshminarayana Namah

ॐ श्रीम लक्ष्मीनारायणाय नमः

Om Shreem Upendraya Achyutaya Namah

ॐ श्रीम उपेन्द्राय अच्युताय नमः

Om Kleem Uddhritaya Udharine Namah

ॐ क्लीम उद्धृताय उद्धारिणे नमः

These mantras are for Attracting Abundance and Wish Fulfilment in your life.

Repeat these mantras any number of times on any day. We don't believe in counting how many times mantras are to be chanted because your focus will shift from chanting to counting.

Note: The mantra mentioned here is not 'your Rashi' (Moon Rashi) mantra


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It's been almost a decade, Acharya Parag Awasthi has assisted over thousands of families of different profiles from various countries. With a mission to bring Peace, Prosperity and Abundance in their lives, he balances the energies related to body, mind and soul, through Astro-Vastu with vast experience and exposure of correcting energies at clients home, office, bunglow, farm houses, malls, hotels, resorts, factories, etc..

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